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 Life Long Skills Enhancement

There was once a time when we said that the only two things you could really count in life were death and taxes. Now there is a third. It's called life long learning.
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A Longevity Secret

As I travel the country I run into people all the time now who are really old in age yet youthful in thought and outlook on life. Yes, many won the gene pool so they have longevity on their side, but others did it by having curiosity.
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For Couples Who Want A Fulfilling Future!

Take the Couples Retirement Connect Quiz

Download and print out the questionnaire and fill it in.

  1. The key is that you and your partner take the quiz separately.
  2. Try to make your answers as specific as possible.
  3. Be honest. If you don’t have an answer to a question, go to the next question.
  4. A "No" answer indicates the need for more thought.
  5. When you’re done, reflect on your answers for a few days. Add /delete
  6. Set up the right time and place for you and your partner to share your answers.
  7. There is no scoring or correct answers.
  8. Use the quiz as your roadmap; and have fun with it!

Download as MS Word

Download as PDF