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Some examples of the 85 drivers discovered in the research include:


So what does make you tick at work and at play? Listen up and begin to understand your drivers.


Know Your Drivers BEFORE You Plan Your Future

Regardless of your age, stage of life, or financial situation you need to discover what makes you tick BEFORE you retire or else you are doomed to create some unnecessary pain for yourself. If you admit to little self knowledge or awareness don’t despair. We have a process and solutions to get you on the right track to a fun and fulfilling future.

DriversWe’re assuming that you are someone who wants to continue to get a lot of gusto out of life at work, at play, and with community involvement. Before we go further, please realize that gusto in life is NOT associated with money, but rather with activities and people who give us personal payoffs or driver fulfillment.

As social creatures, we need to be aware of the emotional impact that change, particularly a major transition, has on our lives. If you already know yourself well, congratulations, you have a head start on creating a fulfilling future for yourself. But if you don’t know yourself well, read on because it’s never too late to gain valuable self knowledge.

In doing research for DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE!® we asked 200 pre-retirees age 39 -77 and 100 retirees age 41 to 99 the question: “WHY DO YOU or DID YOU WORK BEYOND A PAYCHECK?” When we were executive recruiters, job candidates would share their needs or must haves with us that had nothing to do with money. Many people don’t realize what they get from work, beyond the financial rewards, until they lose it or until you come right out and ask them! That is how the list of 85 reasons came about. We asked them! People are motivated by personal needs that we call drivers, a forward sounding, action-oriented word that puts the individual in control.

It can be a little shocking, even daunting when you actually uncover or admit some things to yourself, but that is the necessary beginning for rewiring.

The full list of 85 drivers is found in DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE!®

Have the guts to discover your drivers; ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Go on a journey of self excavation and use your new found drivers as a guide for creating or redefining your future.