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Rewiring® Tips For Experienced Workers

Industries have changed, and some have collapsed. Like you, older job seekers don't have a curriculum to follow; this is a new landscape for them too.
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Rewire® Into Being An Entrepreneur

In the past few years there has been a marked rise in the number of 50+ entrepreneurs. The increase is a result of several factors. (Read More)

Rewiring® 3.0 Is A New Model for a New Time

Jeri and Rick
We want you to rewire!

The concept of Rewiring® was originally created as a process to help people channel their energy into new work options: part time/full time; into an encore career, or entrepreneur or to become more involved with volunteerism. The type of work didn’t matter.

Then in September 2008 the economic crisis occurred. The Wall Street chaos was followed by high unemployment, the collapse of the housing market, the shrinking of financial portfolios and myriad personal and professional meltdowns. A new landscape filled with confusion, uncertainty, volatility and reduced financial resources emerged, challenging us to go back and turn the concept of Rewiring® on its head. Because the process worked so well helping people understand themselves better in terms of motivation and work we realized that the process applies to one’s total life portfolio.

There was nothing easy about figuring out the future when the times and financial portfolios were constant; now it is even harder and self knowledge plays an even more critical role. We discovered Rewiring has relevancy and application beyond work and Rewiring 3.0 is the outcome. The Rewiring concept naturally extends to the 10 key aspects of one’s life.

Rewiring® 3.0 “meets” individuals where they are today---as unpredictable as that might be---and prepares them with a new thought and action framework that enables them to evolve and transform themselves throughout their life.