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Shakti Gawain- Creative Visualization: 25th Anniversary Edition

Daniel Pink- Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Todd Kashdan-- Curious?: Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life

Norman Doige, MDThe Brain That Changes Itself

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Don’t Retire, REWIRE! LifeShop©

Jeri Sedlar

The DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE! LifeShop© is a thought-provoking, interactive half-day/full day life planning program that addresses the needs of individuals and their future. Attendees work through new ideas to discover their What’s Next…whether it be to work, to play, or to be involved in the community. Participants go from “the Big Picture to Developing Your Picture” for a fulfilling and engaged future, The program can be customized for specific association members, alumni, partners, employees, or client events. This total Rewiring® approach covers everything except financial planning. Programs are delivered at the client’s designated site or retreat location. Spousal programs are a popular component of the LifeShop©, which can also include individual coaching, if desired.
Note: Seminar and LifeShop content could be developed for webinars.

Don’t Retire, REWIRE! Life Planning Seminar

This program is developed to compliment an organizations’ employee 401k or financial planning programs.  The workshop is customized to help employees imagine and create new visions for their future.  This program may be used to encourage individuals to rewire® and stay working at their current company, or to help increase 401k participation as a result of people better understanding how investing will pay for their future dreams.

Among the material covered will be the longevity bonus and what its implications; what working in retirement means; driver identification and related activities and how to look at your life today to create a new tomorrow. Audiences will better understand the importance of having a community, and how rewiring® positively impacts health and fitness.


We know that individuals are happiest and feel most valued when they are in motion toward a set of goals. Our life planning program helps people get where they want to go through a course of Rewirement® Coaching which enables individuals to make a smooth transition from one life phase to another. Today individual goals can mean a variety of things depending on where you are in your life. For some it may be the transition from work to play; from retirement back to the same type of work; from retirement to a totally new kind of work; from retirement to volunteering or pursuing your dream of being an entrepreneur or to just plain creating a rewired® life portfolio of many activities.

A Rewirement® Coach will lead you through the 5 Step Process to a Rewired® life.  The program includes analyzing individual situations and life stages and understanding relationships and how they are affected by change. The step by step process outlined in Don’t Retire, REWIRE!, includes self analysis, understanding your drivers, creating a vision and a customized possibilities profile, and the development of an action plan that will help take you to fulfilling and meaningful activities and a life that you are happy about living. This coaching program may be done in person depending on location or telephonically.

The REWIREMENT® Platinum Program

Jeri SedlarLonger life spans indicate that many individuals may have an additional 20-25 years of life expectancy beyond the age of 65. This longevity bonus will be defined by both challenges and opportunities. Identifying and pursing meaningful long-term undertakings will be essential to achieving sustained personal fulfillment in this new life phase.

This program is available to assist experienced executives, professionals, partners and entrepreneurs to make a shift to new, exciting and fulfilling endeavors in this next life phase. Individuals who benefit from this program include senior/officer level executives;

Professionals: medical, dental, legal, etc.; partnerships, and entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses. Programs are developed based on the needs and wants of the individual. Our customized rewirement® process includes assessment, identification of drivers, strategic planning, and assistance in setting personal goals.

A faculty of top tier professionals is available to assist in the development and execution of individual programs where appropriate. Areas of expertise include health; finance; testing and evaluation; psychology; and board positions.

The Platinum Program is directed by Rick Miners.
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REWIRING® Retreats

Retreats are designed to give participants the time to learn and grow individually while in a group setting.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive with an open mind, bring their own life experiences, leave home and work worries behind, and indulge in a period of assessment, imagining and planning what to do in the next chapter of their life.

Retreats are conducted at attractive, relaxing locations where you can learn, explore, and let the kite out to see where you want your future to go.  Retreat formats include exercises to get you out of your comfort zone, gain insights into how you respond to new things, how to understand your fears, and how you can cope with them to build a next act you are happy about living. 

These retreats are done on a limited basis with a maximum of 12 individuals.