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Couples CornerCouples have unique challenges.

Jeri Sedlar and Rick Miners continue to research couples to better identify what makes them happy or miserable in this stage of life. Their findings have given them unique perspective on what couples can do to enhance their future.

Relationships are challenging enough then add discussing the future to the mix and you get a whole new set of sizzling and shifting dynamics. It doesn’t matter which partner is retiring, both are affected. To help couples maneuver through this new stage of planning, we have created a unique workshop:


Getting On The Same Page About the Future

Some couples say they had to chart and navigate a new course when they become empty-nesters and they found it difficult. It’s the same with retirement. Points covered in the program include:

Hear Jeri talk about some of the challenges couples face as they plot their future.

Rewirement for Two is a presentation that is tactical, practical, fun and great for spouses or partners who need ideas about the future. Available as a keynote or as a half or full day Workshop, the program is ideal as a spousal event.

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