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Jeri Sedlar Speech Topics for Individuals

Program title and content are customized to meet the client’s goals and objectives.

Get REWIRED® For Your Next Act:

Jeri SedlarDiscover Possibilities, Pathways, and Payoffs in Life’s Second Half

When you think of the future do you dread people asking you,” What are you going to do next?” Many people who are looking ahead can’t answer that question. And that’s okay! People have a vision of the future, but little knowledge how to get there. Being able to answer, “Do you know what makes you tick? And do you know what motivates you at work, at play, in life?” are foundations for life planning. Curiosity and self knowledge are the keys to exploring and creating a fulfilling and healthy future. The rewiring® wheel of life will help you discover the people, places and things from which new possibilities for fun and fulfillment will emerge. Based on the highly acclaimed book, DON’T RETIRE, REWIRE! plus new research, this presentation helps people discover their lifelines for continuous engagement throughout their life.

REWIRE Early and REWIRE Often:

At Work, Play, In Life: Regardless of Your Age

It might be hard to imagine vibrant people getting bored or being boring, or hunting for purpose or meaning or fun in their next act, but many are. Integrating leisure with work (paid or volunteer) while managing financial, heath and life responsibilities is the new reality and offers many opportunities for engagement. People need to holistically plan their future by breaking it into bite size pieces. Managing expectations is a key step in rewiring® and in ensuring yourself a successful future. Learn how not to become overwhelmed by the future. Get out and embrace the new paradigm and understand that activities will change with each stage of life. The 5 steps will show you the path and ease the journey!.

Discover The New Retirement Model - REWIREMENT®:

Live Life and Don’t Flunk the Future

Retirement used to mean the onset of old age, the end of work, a secure self- identity and a life of leisure. But no more! The future is about having a new attitude, a sense of humor, a dash of curiosity and a big dose of self knowledge about your likes, dislikes, and dreams. The longevity bonus is real so plan for an additional 20 – 25 years after the age of 65. No scientific data exists that says there is one winning formula for creating a great future. However, several studies have elicited 12 key factors, or quality-of-life ingredients that coupled with financial planning, lead to an engaged and successful life. You’ll take away the necessary tools for creating a new game plan for your future.

Lessons Learned From King Tut’s Tomb:

King Tut's Tomb
Jeri and Rick look everywhere for new ideas

You’re Never Too Old To Go On A Personal Dig of Self- Discovery

People need to study their past and their life today to discover what activities, relationships and communities bring them the greatest happiness, fulfillment and problems. To shape the future to your needs people need to excavate buried ideas and dreams to see if these rediscovered treasures hold potential for use in the future. What have you archived and said you would do one day…when you had the time? What old ideas or interests need to be dusted off or banished forever? Learn to use archeological methods for your rewiring exploration. Unearth new possibilities and pathways for yourself. Excavating an archeological site takes time---as does creating a new framework for your future. This presentation shows you how to view the future with a whole new set of tools.

Hot Wire Your Future©:

Get A Leg Up On Life

It’s been a rough few years. Realities are being challenged and people admit to feeling confused and anxious in all areas of their lives. People need a jump start on how to view their life through a new lens, and to understand the realities of “the new normal.” People need to know themselves better especially when financial portfolios continue to fluctuate. Individuals who want to lead an engaged and successful life need new tools and new rules for creating a new game plan for the future.