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Yes! There Is Life After The Firm:

Jeri Sedlar What’s Next For Me

Partners in professional services firms and Senior Corporate Officers want to make a smooth transition from their organization to a new work/lifestyle that fulfill them emotionally, socially, physically and financially. Achieving a successful rewirement® takes time and planning and is predicated on self awareness. Individuals, who are in transition, have been successful in their work roles and believe that they will automatically be successful in their next act; research has proven that this is not necessarily the case. Executives often need to be informed about opportunities available to them and guided into creating new and fulfilling rewired® life portfolios. The reality of living longer means people need to plan accordingly and assume that they will engage, disengage and re-engage many times as they age.

REWIRE® Mindsets, Actions, And People:

Achieve Greater Community Impact

The new economic reality is changing the expectations of non-profit funders, members, leadership, boards and staff. If organizations want to remain attractive and relevant to their diversified group of constituents, they need to rewire® their thinking especially about programming, staffing, development and how they listen to and stay on top of constituent needs. Tools for identifying what drives or motivates employees and members to become more fully engaged will be explored and linked with actual initiatives. The driver concept will also be used in the context of creating win/win community partnerships and alliances. Strategies on how to get more people engaged in meaningful activities that benefit them and aid the community will be included.

Retaining, Recruiting, and REWIRING® Mature Workers:

Flexibility and Experience

The reality of the “brain drain” still exists for many organizations. The risk of losing highly skilled and talented workers through retirement is causing problems for many organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Industry research confirms that the aging workforce will be a critical business issue with bottom - line implications within many sectors. Learn what forward-thinking organizations are doing to retain and accommodate these valuable workers who want to continue to be engaged, yet want to add more leisure and flexibility into their lives. Mindsets are shifting about retirements and sabbaticals, about mature worker technical abilities, about memory and learning potential, and the importance of multi-generational teams.

REWIRING® Wake-Up Calls For Leaders:Jeri Sedlar

Hard-Wired Organizations Need To Rewire® Their Thinking

Now, more than ever, organizations need to wake up to the possible impact America’s aging demographics will have on workplace dynamics and on consumer spending. We want to keep mature workers working ---and hence, consuming. But what is going on in the workplace? Did you “accidentally” retire an employee in place? Or did they simply retire in place and forgot to tell you? Are they bored and angry that their shrunken portfolio is keeping them working full time ---and are you frustrated that they aren’t doing their job to your standards? The rewiring® process can increase employee engagement and improve business productivity --in other words employees and employers can both win.